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Organic Honey Crystals - 6 Pack

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Honey Crystals made of natural organic honey, sweet and dry, free flowing, natural sweetener, healthy substitute for sugar that adds a sweet taste of natural organic honey. 
6 Pack

Price: US$40.50

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Organic Honey Crystals Bulk - 50 lbs
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Replace your sugar ingredients 1 to 1 with Mama Healthy honey crystals organic sweetener, made with natural organic honey. 50lbs

Price: US$175.00


Honey Crystals

Honey Crystals Pack of 12

Get a 12 Pack of Organic Honey Crystals and save 12% off

Natural Sweetener that substitutes your sugar in recipes. Easy to store and pour into your favorite recipes, coffee, tea. They add a taste of honey and you get the benefits of honey in dry crystals form.

Just substitute sugar 1 to 1 with Mama Healthy Honey Crystals.

Made with organic honey and they contain no preservatives, additivies, or artificial colors.  12 Pack
 (12/12 oz. Bottles, 2 cases of 6)

Product Code: 2XHC50116B

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